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Welcome to Chorley BSAC


Already a Diver?    Join Chorley BSAC

Whether you are an active BSAC diver, have been a previous member of BSAC, or a qualified diver who has trained with other recognised organisations, you are very welcome.

If you have learned to dive in warm clear waters and want to dive at home or taken an extended break from diving joining a BSAC club can be an ideal way of gaining the additional training and experience you will need to dive safely in the UK.

Qualified with another Agency?

The great news is, your diving qualification is recognised and you can continue to dive within the limits of your certification.



We would like to invite you to come and give it a go the BSAC way. Commercial Diving Centres are busy with training courses and cannot always meet the needs of qualified divers that want to go diving for fun. This is where BSAC Branch diving succeeds - we go diving! This is what the Branch system is best at, organising interesting dives to cater for alll levels of experience - diving for divers!


We can carry out 'cross over' courses from PADI, SSI, SAA etc, to BSAC if required.


Qualified divers joining a branch often want to progress their training to the next BSAC grade. Qualifications held are recognised as an entry level to progress to the next higher BSAC grade without penalty its that easy.


Contact Mick Cook on 01257 265589 or 07888 681013 Email -

Mick is our Membership Secretary, he will outline what we can offer you in terms of training and diving.

Further details on crossover can be found on the BSAC equivalency chart which can be downloaded here


Are you an Instructor with another agency?


BSAC welcomes qualified instructors too. There is a straightforward induction process which recognises instructor qualifications and accreditation to able to deliver BSAC instruction. Further details on instructor crossover can be found here


Why not come along to one of our meetings at Chorley where you can discuss what we can offer in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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