Farnes and Dive Planning Meeting Just a very quick thanks to Tim and Jane for a very informative and entertaining meeting on Wednesday. They gave us all the information we will need for the dives as well as the social activity that they are organising, barbecue etc. They also started the process for identifying what diving members want to do over the next 18 months and encouraged people to consider running their own trips. Needless to say with the offer of full support from within the club to anyone prepared to do so. So thanks on behal of everyone. Dave Ps - does anyone want to be the one who turns up without two tanks 🤔🤔🤔

There will be no pool training tomorrow evening, as the instructor team will be at the Farnes / dive calendar meeting at St Josephs. The pool is available if anyone wants a swim, but no diving please unless you organise your own buddy and pool cover. Hope to see you all at St Josephs (posted on behalf of Jane)

CLUB INFORMATION & TRY DIVE LEAFLETS The Club has a really good leaflet providing clear and simple guidance about the clubs facilities, the key individuals to contact and how to find further information on the website. The leaflet was initially aimed at new members so you can see why it is titled “Welcome to Chorley Sub Aqua Club’ but it contains information that might be useful to members who joined before its publication. The link below will take you to the leaflet and you can then decide if it is of use to yourself. There’s no charge so you can’t loose anything but a few minutes of your time. I would ask though that if you know people who might be interest in joining the club that you show them the leaflet as it might encour...

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