River Leven BSAC Bash

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River Leven BSAC Bash

Postby Maria H » Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:05 am

We've dived this before, but this time we were part of a much bigger group of over 40 divers from 7 different BSAC branches, organised by Sue Brown from Potteries club. Image
When Steve and I dived this a couple of years ago, the water was hardly moving and we had to fin nearly all of the way. Not so this time! Storm Doris had passed through a couple of days earlier and it was clear that the water was moving.
Steve and Tom were the trailblazers (or "crash test dummies") leading the way for the whole group. Image Fortunately their dive was uneventful, though there were some monas about cold hands, and they appeared at the exit point (conveniently next to the Swan Hotel) 25 minutes later. Image
Mandy & Mike followed a few minutes later, having taken the scenic route. They reported that they'd seen a solitary fish though our resident marine biologist was unable to be more specific ("It was a freshwater fish, not a marine specie"). Image Image
The maximum depth of this dive was around 8 metres, so it is suitable for Ocean Divers, with suitably experienced buddies. Unfortunately it's only dive-able from about the end of October until Easter because of boat traffic. The Swan serves rather nice food, and it was great to catch up with divers from other clubs, though the staggered entry meant that some were just de-kitting as we left the pub after a rather nice lunch.

A big thank you to Sue for organising a fun day.
Maria H
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Re: River Leven BSAC Bash

Postby Mike Sivieri » Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:59 am

Indeed a big thanks to Sue for a grand day out. And thanks to Maria for the pics. Glad theres a good one of my 'trophy'!
Mike Sivieri
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Re: River Leven BSAC Bash

Postby Angela Clewes » Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:28 pm

Great day out. Next time though me and Maria will be in the water
Angela Clewes
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Re: River Leven BSAC Bash

Postby Mandy Knott » Sun Mar 05, 2017 3:42 pm

Really enjoyed it and a good one for training for drift dives. The viz was much better than I'd expected too :)

In my further defence - we shot past the fish at the rate of knots so not time to get any specific ID traits!! BUT it definitely had vertical stripes like a perch - but was more bluey grey so I'm hedging my bets and saying it was a minnow!

Mandy Knott
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