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Chorley British Sub-Aqua Club

The Club has attained ClubMark accreditation. We have a set of policies so that we operate to consistent and accepted minimum operating standards.


Club management

Club Development Plan

Branch Members Handbook


Duty of care and child protection

Branch WoV Policy

Child Protection Policy.

Code of practice for club officials and volunteers

Code of practice for Parents and Carers

Code of practice for Junior Members


Message from our Diving Officer

All diving and training should be conducted in line with BSAC safe diving practices and all training should be in line with the Instructor Manual. The following guidelines are provided to clarify some points that have arisen recently:

Maria Harwood - Diving Officer, Chorley 304     



Informing the DO of Club dives

  • Dives must be agreed with the DO in advance, and a Dive Plan agreed with the DO.  After the event, the Dive Manager will submit to the DO a completed dive log and inform the DO of any relevant occurrences
  • The TO will be informed of any training that takes place as per Club guidelines.
  • Dive Leaders and above may run dives to “nominated sites” without pre-agreement with the Diving Officer.  For these sites only, a Dive Plan and Log does not need to be submitted to the DO, but the Dive Manager remains responsible for adhering to Safe Diving practices.  The dive sites currently assessed as 'Nominated Sites' are The Delph and Capernwray.  Generic risk assessments for these sites are included in Club Documents on the forum.
  • All under 18s diving must be pre-agreed with the Diving Officer or Training Officer / Junior Coach.


  • The opportunity will arise occasionally to conduct diver training on an ad hoc basis (e.g., on a dive trip). This can be carried out without prior consent of the TO, provided it is conducted in line with BSAC standards.
  • Theory lessons can be arranged on a 1-1 basis to accommodate shift working or other commitments.   Please agree this in advance with the TO, who may decide to be in attendance.
  • Upon completion of any training activities, the relevant Instructor should provide details to the TO so that Branch records can be updated.
  • New experience should always be gained under appropriate supervision/instruction.
  • Instruction to be carried out by Instructors who meet the requirements outlined in the BSAC Instructor Manual.


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