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Chorley British Sub-Aqua Club
Useful links

BSAC HQ     http://www.bsac.com    

Professional Instructor  www.denniswigg.co.uk      

Murrayfield Hyperbaric    http://www.hyperbaric-medicine.co.uk/

Northern Ireland Dive Charters

based in Portstewart and with another centre at Ballycastle we are ideally situated to offer diving for all levels.

Accommodation in Lundy  www.harcourthotel.co.uk            

Dive Master Insurance

Independent Recreational Diver Insurance services  UK-based company with a full range of diving insurance policies

Essential Travel Diving Insurance

Essential Travel has specially designed its scuba diving insurance to ensure that all levels of diving are covered.

From the one-off holiday adventurer to the more serious diving enthusiast, with cover down to 50 metres.

Westfield Sub-Aqua and Marine Insurance

Recreational Diver Travel and Equipment  Insurance. Specialists in providing insurance for the UK based sports diver

Coastal Observatory    http://cobs.pol.ac.uk/

Isle of man harbour  http://www.gov.im/harbours/

See current shipping in Liverpool bay    http://www.shipais.com/currentmap.php   

Underwater camera information www.digideep.com/

Watersports Directory www.watersporty.co.uk


UK Boat Launch Sites

Detailed information about boating facilities and activities including marinas, slipways, chandleries and tidal information for the next seven days.

Wreck Site

Worlds largest online wreck database with over 78,000 wrecks and 76,000 positions.

Over 530 online Admiralty Charts (nominal subscription service)

Irish Wrecks Online

Free guide to shipwrecks around Ireland for recreational divers.


All Irish shipwrecks, great info.


 If you’re going US waters, these Admiralty equivalents are all FREE, including historical charts.


Database of Belgium wreck sites



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