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Chorley British Sub-Aqua Club
Next Dives

Each Wednesday Chorley BSAC meet at St Josephs in Chorley
followed by training at the Leyland Leisure Centre swimming pool


PLANNED FOR 2018 /19

Lochaline - June 2018 - Hard boat diving - Click for further info

Norway - June 2018 - Hard boat diving - Click for further info

Azores - September 2018 - Hard boat diving - Click for further info

Farne Islands - October 2018 - Hard boat diving - Click for further info

French Polynesia - October 2018

Scapa Flow Centenary - July 2019 - Hard boat diving - Click for further info


The Club organises dives at short notice to the North Wales coast, which are weather dependent.
See the
Dive Trips Forum and Day Dashes Forum for these any further additions to our diving calendar.



Loch Fyne - Click for trip report

Gozo - A wedding with diving - Click for trip report

Newfoundland - Click for trip report

Penrhos -Wreck - North Wales - Click for trip report

Baltimore, Southern Ireland - Click for trip report

Isle of Man - Click for report

Shetland - Click for report

Mexico-Cenotes - Click for report

Pembrokeshire - Click for report

Truk Lagoon and Palau - Click for report

Cumbrae - Click for report

St Kilda - Click for report

Farne Islands - Click for report

El Gouna - Northern Red Sea - Click for report

Maldives Liveaboard - Click for report

Scapa - Click for report

Clyde wrecks - Click for report

St Abbs - Click for report

Rathlin Island - Click for report

Cocos - Click for report


See all our trip reports here


Marine Conservation Society
Lancashire Area group

Click to view diary of events

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