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Join BSAC and you join a worldwide group of people who share a real passion for scuba diving.

With more than 1,100 clubs and branches around the UK and overseas, BSAC's club structure is what makes us unique and ensures that diving remains an accessible, affordable and fun sport for all.

From absolute beginner to the more experienced, BSAC provides an extensive training programme that enables divers (and snorkellers) to progress through skills and qualifications at their own pace. You can learn to dive with BSAC from the age of 12 and there is no upper age limit.

BSAC’s diving qualifications are internationally-recognised – literally opening up a whole world of scuba adventures.

The UK has a diverse marine environment that rivals some of the best in the world with more than 7,500 miles of coastline to explore, stunning marine life and more shipwrecks per mile of coastline than anywhere in the world... Couple that with a wide variety of inland waterways, lakes and quarries and we have a real divers’ paradise right on our own doorstep.




About Chorley BSAC


Based in Chorley Lancashire, we have over 40 members ranging from 8 to 68 years of age. As well as Chorley, we cover the Standish, Wigan, Skelmersdale and surrounding districts.

Our philosophy is to enjoy ourselves in a safe and sensible manner.
Fancy diving on wrecks, amongst coral reefs, diving with seals or snorkelling with dolphins?
You can, safely, with the correct training and enthusiasm!

We were created in 1968 and have a wealth of diving experience worldwide. Our Branch is no.304 of the British Sub-Aqua Club which is the governing body for the sport of underwater swimming in the British Isles and the largest diving club in the world.

2018 was the Club's 50th anniversary. To celebrate fifty years, the club set a challenge to dive fifty different dive sites during the year.
Our members dived over 150 dive sites across the world. This shows that 'we go diving!'

Our social, family-friendly club offers a great mix of quality training and regular diving where divers can learn and progress at their own pace.

We are extremely fortunate in having a large number of nationally qualified BSAC Instructors within our Club to aid your progress. Learn to scuba dive with us and you will receive some of the best scuba diving training around, leading to an internationally recognised BSAC qualification. Not only are we are able to train you up through the BSAC diving grades and can also carry out 'cross over' courses from PADI, SSI, SAA.

Chorley BSAC has the safety and safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, as a primary importance. We are committed to providing an environment where young people can learn and participate in a sport free from harassment and abuse. All those people working with children have a moral and social responsibility to safeguard and promote a child's safeguarding. The Club follows the BSAC Safeguarding Policy to ensure peace of mind for both children and adults and we are also ClubMark accredited.

Find out more about leaning to dive with us here


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About British Sub-Aqua Club



Like many great organisations, BSAC started small. A few enthusiasts came together and decided that divers needed a club.

Run by divers, for divers since being established in London in 1953 by entrepreneur Oscar Gugen and Peter Small, the British Sub-Aqua Club has evolved over the years - from a small group of dedicated members and diving pioneers to the BSAC of today, the largest dive club in the world.

From the beginning, BSAC has received worldwide recognition as a leader, standard-setter and innovator in the field of sport diving. In 1959 BSAC became the founding member of CMAS, the World Underwater Federation. In the early 1960's the organisation began training diving instructors for the first time.

BSAC knows just how enjoyable and life-changing diving can be. And with a worldwide reputation for excellence and safety, BSAC provides all the training and support you need to get the best out of this exciting sport.

Our training programme is open to all levels of diver - from the entry level Ocean or Snorkel Diver through to our Instructor courses. Our complementary skill development and specialist courses enable divers to continue to widen their own experience and enjoyment of the sport.

100,000s of people have learned to dive with BSAC and have gone on to discover the wonders of the underwater world, both at home and overseas.

And, as the UK National Governing Body for Underwater Activities, we also work continuously to ensure the ongoing development, safety and enjoyment of scuba for all. BSAC is committed to promoting, protecting and representing the interests of all divers and snorkellers throughout the UK.















Chorley BSAC has been awarded its ClubMark accreditation by Sport England
We are the 12th SCUBA diving club to attain this accreditation.

ClubMark is the universally acknowledged cross sport accreditation scheme for community sports clubs and is an excellent way of letting people know that the branches who have attained this award will support excellent, high quality standards and adhere to welfare and equity policies as well as being welcoming to young members.

It shows that the Club provides the right environment which ensures the welfare of members and encourages everyone to enjoy sport and stay involved throughout their lives.

An accredited Club is recognised as a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all ages as well as helping parents and carers know that they’re choosing the right Club for their young people.











Environmental Policy

As the UK Governing Body for scuba and snorkelling, BSAC and its members are in aMaking Waves privileged position to contribute to the protection of the marine environment – today and for future generations.

BSAC has partnered with many charities and organisations over the years, such as the Divers Making Waves…to protect our seas initiative. These partnerships underpin BSAC’s commitment to the marine environment, both at home and around the world.

From engaging BSAC members in the issues currently facing the marine environment through to galvanising divers and snorkellers to get involved, BSAC hopes that Making Waves will live up to its name.

How much do you know about the marine life you come across every time you go diving?

Whatever type of diving you enjoy, you have the privilege of experiencing the variety and beauty of the natural environment underwater at first hand.

As divers it is in our interest to look after it.


BSAC is working closely with the Marine Conservation Society's Marine Reserves Now campaign, calling for protected marine reserves around the UK.

The new BSAC website offers divers advice on how to dive responsibly in its Diving environmental guidelines. Details on ongoing projects and further environmental support and advice for divers can be found in the Protect Our Seas section in Advice and support.





If you have any questions or need further details please contact us


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