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Chorley British Sub-Aqua Club
Equipment Officer

Primary Tasks

  • Ensure all equipment and kit is serviced as per manufacturer recommendations
  • Collate all test certificates for branch equipment.
  • Ensure basic repairs and maintenance to equipment is carried out as required.
  • Purchase new equipment where required passing all invoices to the treasurer.
  • Booking in and out of equipment for try dives, training and expeditions.
  • Continue to monitor and develop the clubs equipment to meet current and future requirements.

Accountabilities and Working Relationships

  • Appointed from nominations (and election if contested) by the full diving membership at the AGM.
  • If an Equipment Officer is not appointed than the role defaults to the Diving Officer.
  • May appoint assistance to assist with the day to day operation of the equipment store and compressor facilities.
  • Must work in cooperation with the Diving Officer, Training Officers and Dive Managers.
  • Must work in cooperation with the General Committee.
  • Reports to the Annual General Meeting on all matters which fall within their responsibilities.
  • Accountable to the Diving Officer for diving/snorkelling related to equipment.
  • Accountable to the Treasurer for all financial matters relating to equipment.

Equipment Officer
Mat Woods and Tom Hart



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