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Chorley British Sub-Aqua Club

Primary Tasks

  • Receive and process all transactions for all of the clubs Bank Accounts.
  • Ensure any club members who have invested their own money on an essential club item are promptly reimbursed.
  • Maintain a record of all transactions to allow easy visibility of expenditure.
  • Produce and present an Accounts Summary to the committee at each monthly meeting.
  • Discuss any budgeting and large expenditure issues with the committee members to ensure expenditure remains within budget.
  • Ensure the list of authorised signatories is maintained.
  • Note all cash amounts held as floats.
  • Present to the A.G.M the annual accounts together with a report on same.

Accountabilities and Working Relationships

  • Appointed from nominations (and election if contested) by the full diving membership at the AGM.
  • Reports to the Annual General Meeting on all financial aspects relating to the Branch.
  • Accountable to the General Committee for all financial matters within the Branch.
  • Cooperate with the Membership Secretary.
  • Cooperate with the Branch Officers and General Committee.

Mick Cook



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