St Abbs June 2010

Reports on our previous club dive trips and some of our day diving activities
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St Abbs June 2010

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Final takers for the trip were: Paul and Rich Morton; Nick Yates; Chris Mort; Frank Taylor. Weather was great all weekend, but best on Sunday. Saturday afternoon saw a sea breeze whip up so that recovery into the boat was pretty difficult on the second dive of the day. Apart from that, the vis was very acceptable on both days (5 to 10 metres depending on how many divers had ploughed their way through the site first).

There was lots of life to see: loads of lobsters, crabs, cod, pollack, ling, and a particularly docile lumpsucker. It took several prods on the bum from Chris to get the thing to turn around and look at us but it finally turned around and looked at us with that "what's your problem you glassy-eyed pair of wazzoks?" kind of look on it's face.

No wolf-fish seen this trip, but Nick and Paul saw a crab the size of a man-hole cover.

Saturday we dived West Hurker and Black Carrs, which we've dived before out of Eyemouth with Iain and Jim. Sunday was a bit closer to St Abbs harbour, at the Horn and the Wuddy. There was a lot of life on the Sunday dives closer to the harbour, with a cracking swim-through at what I think was the Wuddy on the second dive. The first dive, though, was close in to the cliffs and was lobster city.

It was a very enjoyable weekend's diving, and we can recommend the seafood combo at the "Contented Sole", and the three-course meal at the Tandoori in the town centre, both in Eyemouth. For future reference, Hillside Crest is a very good B&B at £25 to £29 per person per night for bed and breakfast. Not yet en-suite, but they're working on it. I'll add contact details at a later date when I have my log-book/file to hand, along with some photos (under and overwater) when I've tarted them up a bit.

Thanks to Nick, Chris, Paul and Rich for a great weekend.

Liam Hoey

Re: St Abbs June 2010

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Great report mate we need to encourage more writing of trip reports. Great advert for our club. :D
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Re: St Abbs June 2010

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The greatest thanks is due to you Frank for organising it all.

We had a great weekend.Not laughed so much in ages.

Thanks "Chum"!
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