Gozo - a wedding with diving

Reports on our previous club dive trips and some of our day diving activities
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Gozo - a wedding with diving

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Sorry it's taken me so long to write this one up.

The official story is that we went to Gozo for the wedding of the year – to celebrate Dave and Lyzzie becoming Mr & Mrs Smith - and we happened to do some diving while we were there, though Dave’s dad suggested that his son planned it as a diving holiday with a wedding squeezed in the middle. Would you like to comment, Dave?

As dive trips go, this was a laid back holiday with diving rather than the full-on expedition I’d just returned from in Newfoundland. A typical day involved a leisurely breakfast, and then a wander up to the dive centre at around 9:30 to get our gear together and then head off to the dive site. A pleasant dive was then followed by a stop-off for a leisurely lunch and back for a siesta and then dinner by the waterfront in Marsalforn.

You might expect that the groom would take the day off diving on his wedding day, but this was no ordinary bridegroom. Dave wanted to do a 100m dive on his wedding day, though none of us shared his enthusiasm and the plan was modified. After assuring Lyzzie and Dave’s parents that we would be the responsible adults (!) and would return him by 3 pm in one piece, we set off to dive Ras il-Hobz (aka “Russell Hobbs”), also known as Middle Finger. Geoff & Mick were entrusted with the wellbeing of the bridegroom and Ged and I were relieved when they surfaced safe and sound after a gentle 40 metre dive. I’m sure that Dave will be entertaining people for years to come with stories of going diving on his wedding day!

The wedding was lovely, and there are photos on the club Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Chorley304BSAC/ . Lyzzie looked stunning, Dave had changed out of his dive gear, and the venue was superb. There was even a fireworks display to mark the occasion.

So, what about the diving?
It was all shore diving, except when Ged & I dived as guests of Calypso dive club from Malta, along with Dennis Wigg and Chris Howells. There are no pretty coral reefs, but there are impressive rock formations, caverns and a few fish. The dive from the Inland Sea, swimming through a tunnel out to the blue remains a favourite. We also dived a couple of wrecks – the Karwela and the Um El Faroud.

The dive centre
We took our own rebreathers or BCDs and regulators, and dived independently (without a guide), using hired cylinders and weights from Atlantis Diving in Marsalforn. Brian and Stefania, who own Atlantis, were extremely helpful. We were able to leave our kit overnight in their underground garage / workshop, which we had to ourselves. Even though we weren’t using their guides or instructors, they were happy to provide advice on dive sites that were suitable for the day’s weather. Highly recommended. They also helped Dave and Lyzzie with some of the wedding arrangements, and Stefania even had a wedding cake made on our behalf https://www.facebook.com/Chorley304BSAC ... =3&theatre
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