Loch Fyne October 2017

Reports on our previous club dive trips and some of our day diving activities
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Loch Fyne October 2017

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This one was arranged by Mark from JBOD, and used the JBOD boat as well as our club boat.

We dived 4 different sites, including Kenmore Point and Stallion Rock. These are all just a mile or two from the launch site at Argyll Caravan Park, where we also got air fills.
They were mainly wall dives / boulder slopes. There were squat lobsters everywhere! Lots of sea loch anemones, sea squirts, Devonshire cup corals, peacock worms, wrasse, pollack, lots of gobies, some tiny flatfish, sea scorpions and I was really pleased to spot a pipefish (part of the seahorse family). Adrian also spotted a large crab, which accompanied him on the rest of the dive (& drive home).

Boat launching & air fills
We launched the boat and got air fills from https://www.quebecmarineservices.com/#intro , which is a couple of miles from Inveraray. The tractor launch & recovery, plus overnight mooring, made life a lot easier.

We stayed at Inveraray Hostel, and I'm pleased to say that hostels have gone upmarket since my youth :D Mark had booked the whole hostel, which sleeps 30, and there were only 13 of us, so we had plenty of space. A bonus was a drying room, especially appreciated as my drysuit leaked!

All in all, an excellent weekend. The only downside was that the A82 was closed on the way home, so a long delay.

A big thank you to Mark for organising, and to Mark & Ged for being non-diving coxswains. Also, Adrian for being my dive buddy.

Photos on the club Facebook page.
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