Capernwray 08 September 2018

Reports on our previous club dive trips and some of our day diving activities
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Tim Phillips
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Capernwray 08 September 2018

Post by Tim Phillips » Sat Sep 08, 2018 11:00 pm

I don't normally post reports on day dashes and training days but today I feel compelled to
It is with the helping hand of the god Dionysus (google it) that i bring you the latest inane witterings and observations of a day out diving with the club

Having learned the lessons of the previous week when every car owner in the British isles decided to go to Capernwray, thus causing a traffic jam which could be likened to central London at rush hour Jane myself and the black van left home well before 8 am

It would be fair to say that the weather gods were not smiling today and everyone would get wet even the non divers

The rain fell from the heavens like tears of rage from above

Upon arrival it was comforting to see that getting up early had not been in vain more or less straight in and parked up nice and close to the water

Thanks goes to Andy for keeping the place for us

As yours truly was not diving today due to injury he was free to observe, and very interesting it was too

There was the usual kit faff, Im sure I heard someone ask if I had some spare regs closely followed by Matts efforts at dry suit zip dentistry

A certain Mr Roberts once told me he could remove many teeth in a few minutes
However Matt is able to remove a great deal of teeth in a matter of seconds

Was this the shortest day for Matt?

Resourceful as ever Mr Burleigh disappeared and a short time later arrived back sporting a very fetching off the shoulder number by Aqualung and it was game on

Dive 1involved, lifts dive management, compasses

Debriefs and feedback completed, the black van surrendered its hidden treasures of bacon and egg barms and hot drinks

Dive 2, more of the same whilst Tim and Emma retreated to the comfort of the van, Emma doing facebook and Tim enjoying a rare half hour with the final test match of a series which has yielded fortune for England against arguably the best team in the world

The rain continued and it was plain to see that some of the divers although they would not admit it were getting cold

More debriefing and feedback and the rain eased and it was time for dive 3

By now the rain has eased allowing for a rare photo opportunity of everyone kitting up and getting back into the water

Divers down and it was time for Tim to assume the position of chef brew maker and have another half hour with the cricket

By now India were 70 for 2 and the following the fall of the second wicket Kholi stepped up to the crease for India and would make things difficult for the England Bowlers

The tranquility was soon shattered by the arrival of a load of divers all wanting hot drinks

Within minutes their thirst for hot beverages was satisfied and as instructors debriefed it was clear that the day was coming to an end

Top and bottom of the day was

3 fully qualified Sports Divers
Well done to Conrad, John and Matt

1 very wet instructor

1 flat battery

An in what has now become customary we ask the question

So what have we learned !!!!!

Dive management is not as easy as it looks

Just because you rent it doesn’t mean it wont leak

Tim does not drink actimel nor does he eat bananas

There are no medals for cold divers

The compass is a complete nightmare

If the big black van is around theres a possibility that there will be bacon close by

Theres no such thing as free advertising

Ok, to understand some of this you needed to be there

On behalf of the sports diver students involved in todays training massive thanks to Jane Anton and Andy

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John Amer
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Re: Capernwray 08 September 2018

Post by John Amer » Sun Sep 09, 2018 11:03 am

Even my wallet got soaked and it only popped out briefly.

Tanks (and thanks) to all the instructors.

Neil Radcliffe
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Re: Capernwray 08 September 2018

Post by Neil Radcliffe » Sun Sep 09, 2018 2:05 pm

Oooh another TMS listener, what a fabulous institution, such a shame it's not transmitted on marine vhf. Well done to all!

Anthony Mould
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Re: Capernwray 08 September 2018

Post by Anthony Mould » Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:59 pm

More lessons learned. Getting lost underwater is easy. Refinding the group takes skill or a lot of luck.


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