50 dive sites in 2018

Chorley BSAC 50th Anniversary Challenge
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50 dive sites in 2018

Post by Maria H » Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:03 pm

As you all know, 2018 is our 50th anniversary year, and one of the ways we plan to celebrate this is by diving 50 different dive sites in the year.
This is a great opportunity for us to promote the club, by showing photos from each dive site on our website and Facebook page. More importantly, it’s an excuse for some fabulous diving!
How will it work?
It’s quite simple really. If it’s a club dive then the Dive Manager should let me have the details anyway, but also feel free to count any dives you do on holiday. We are getting some mini banners printed, so we’d really like you to take a photo with the banner at each dive site, and we can use this to publicise the club. I’ll let everyone know when we have the banners available.
Please log the dive site and date by responding to this forum thread.
To be clear, for a trip such as the Sound of Mull, each wreck or scenic site is a site in its own right, though inland sites such as the Delph are just one site.
The challenge – which dive sites will you bag?
It would be fantastic if every member could contribute at least one unique dive site to the list. If you’re first off the mark in January, then you could claim the Delph or Capernwray, but maybe you’d like to organise something more adventurous? If you’d like help to organise any diving, please let me know.
The prize
We will be offering a prize for the person who dives the most number of different sites. You’ll be relieved to know that I am exempting myself from this

1. Adrian Bonehill at NDAC Chepstow (completing his CCR course) 7th January
2. Jane & Maria at the Delph 22nd January
3. Faru Kani -Maldives (Graham) 28th January
4. Aquarium (Graham) 28th January
5. Palm Reef (Graham) 29th January
6. Kani Corner (Graham) 29th January
7. Colliseum (Graham) 31st January
8. Las Eras - Tenerife (Maria & Nick Yates) 6th February
9. River Leven (Adrian) 25th February
10. Stoney Cove (Adrian) 27th February
11. Mercury islands, NZ (Maria) 28th February ( 6 different sites, but will count as one)
12.Poor Knights islands NZ (Maria) 5th to 7th March 9 dives in total all at different sites, but willcount as one
13.HMNZS Canterbury, Bay of Islands NZ (Maria) 8th March
14. Bailiffs Wood, Coniston (Adrian) 11th March
15. Mikael Lermontov, Port Gore NZ (Maria) 12th & 13th March
16. Milford Sound NZ (Maria) 17th March
17. M2 submarine, Portland (Paul)
18. Capernwray, various dates (I think Adrian must have been the first this year)
19. Resurgam, Rhyl (Ged, Maria, Mandy) 14th April
20. Bait Reef, Whitsundays Australia (Matt Burleigh) 17th April
21. Luncheon Bay, Whitsundays (Matt Burleigh) 17th April
22. Egypt (Paul Johnson) 28th April
23. HMS Port Napier, Skye (Maria) 1st May
24. Craig Ulatota, Raasay (Maria) 2nd May
25. Ocean Monarch (Ged, Paul, Geoff) 5th May
26. Boa Vista, Cape Verde (Helen Stod) 16th May
27. Blue Maomao arch, Poor Knoghhts, NZ (Matt B) 17th May
28. Magic Wall, Poor Knights (Matt B) 17th May
29. Abades, Tenerife (John & Conrad) 28th May
30. Breda (Jane, Tim, Ian, Andy, Matt, Jan, Ged, Danny, Geoff, Maria) 4th June
31. Thesis (same as above)
32. Hispania (same as above)
33. Auliston Pt, Loch Sunart (same as above)
34. Calve Island (same as above)
35. Shuna (same as above)
36. Tapti (same as above)
37. Rondo (same as above)
38. Eight Acre Lake, Yorkshire (Anton) June
39. Inland sea / former Azure window (Dave & Lyzzie) June
40. Spring, Norway (Maria, Mick, Geoff, Andy)
41. Haakon Norway (Maria, Mick, Geoff, Andy)
42. Ferndale & Parat, Norway (Maria, Mick, Geoff, Andy)
43. Oldenburg, Norway (Maria, Mick, Geoff, Andy)
44. Ilsa Fritzen, Norway (Maria, Mick, Geoff, Andy)
45. Tyrifjord, Norway (Maria, Mick, Geoff, Andy)
46. Frankenwald, Norway (Maria, Mick, Geoff, Andy)
47. Yellowstone Wall, Turkey (Danny)
48. PS Lelia, Liverpool Bay (Ged, Anton, Jan, Sean, Maria)
49. Dalayan, Turkey (Danny)
50. Little Cumbrae Elbow (Maria)
51. Segontium (Ged, Anton, Jan, Andy Mandy, Mick)
52. Kimya (Ged, Anton, Jan, Andy, Mick)
53. Euphrates (Ged, Anton, Jan, Andy, Mick)
54. Rosehill (Maria, Tom, Dave W, Angela)
55. James Eagan Layne (Maria, Tom, Dave W, Angela)
56. Eddystone (Maria, Tom, Dave W, Angela)
57. and Deeps (Maria, Tom, Dave W, Angela)
58. Cape Greko (Ian)
59. Zenobia (Ian)
60. Persier (Maria, Tom, Angela)
61. Fariylands (Maria, Tom, Angela
62: Petticoat Carr (Chris & Paul)
63: Thrummie Carr (Chris & Paul)
64: Wick Gaunt (Chris & Paul)
65: Table Rock (Chris & Paul)
66: Bass rock (Chris & Paul)
67: Fast Castle (Chris & Paul)
68: Glanmire (wreck) (Chris & Paul)
69: West Hurker (Chris & Paul)
70 North Wamses (Chris & Paul)
71 Scarpar (Chris & Paul)
72 Little Hawker (Chris)
73 Big Hawker (Chris)
74 Ellerton Lake (Maria & Mick)
75 Furna, Pico, Azores (Ged, Dave W, Andy B, Maria, Dave S)
76 Cais Velho (Ged, Dave W, Andy B, Maria, Dave S)
77 Princess Alice Bank (Ged, Dave W, Andy B, Maria)
78 Arcades do Brianha (Ged, Dave W, Andy B, Dave S)
79 Cabacea Vernelho (Ged, Dave W, Andy B)
80 Saocoaetano (Ged, Dave W, Andy B)
81 Sao Joao (Ged, Dave W, Andy B)
82 Fakirava South, French Polynesia (Maria, Geoff)
83 Fakirava North, French Polynesia (Maria, Geoff)
84 Kauehi, French Polynesia (Maria, Geoff)
85 Toau, French Polynesia (Maria, Geoff)
86 Apataki, French Polynesia (Maria, Geoff)
87 Tikehau, French Polynesia (Maria, Geoff)
88 Rangiroa, French Polynesia (Maria, Geoff)
89 Beagle (Jan, Ged, Anton, Mandy, Mick)
90 Trail Island (Jan, Ged, Anton, Mandy, Mick)
91 Anchor Bay (Anton, Jan)
92 Catalina (Ged, Jan)
93 Sookya Bay, Okinau Island (Maria)
94 Orca Bay, Mercury Islands, NZ (Maria)
95 Resort Bay, Mercury Islands (Maria)
96 Hideaway Bay, Poor Knights (Maria)
97 Middle Arch, Poor Knights (Maria)
98 Northern Arch, Poor Knights (Maria)
99 Canyons, Poor Knights (Maria)
100 Boarfish Reef, Poor Knights (Maria)
101 Opposite Magic Wall, Poor Knights (Maria)
102 Fraggle Rock, Poor Knights (Maria)
103 White Reef, Bay of Islands (Maria)
104 Crayfish Crack, Milford Sound (Maria)
105 Eilean Gubhais, Loch Nevis (Maria)
106 Sgeir Ulibhe, Loch Hourn (Maria)
107 Rubnha aird Ghlaisen, Raasay (Maria)
108 Caolas Mor (Maria)
109 Bogha Cas Sruth, Loch Nevis (Maria)
110 Skate Bay, Gt Cumbrae (Maria)
111 Mimpang, Bali (Jane & Tim)
112 Tepekong, Bali (Jane & Tim)
113 Channel/ Shark point, Bali (Jane & Tim)
114 Shark point / Blue Lagoon, Bali (Jane & Tim)
115 Tulamben / Usat Liberty Ship x2 (Jane & Tim)
116 Manta point, Bali (Jane & Tim)
117 Crystal Bay, Bali (Jane & Tim)
118 Tetal Ailona- Bintan Malaysia(Jane & Tim)
119 Gota Abu Ramada East (Anton)
120 Tobia Arab (Anton)
121 Panorama North (Anton)
122 Panorama South (Anton)
123 Salem Express (Anton)
124 Shabb Sheer (Night) (Anton)
125 Big Brother south (Anton)
126 Big Brother Numidia (Anton)
127 Big Brother West (Anton)
128 Little Brother South (Anton)
129 Little Brother North (Anton)
130 Little Brother West (Anton)
131 Abu Kazan (Anton)
132 Ras Soma (Anton)
133 Got a Abu Ramada South (Anton)
134 Got a Abu Ramada East (Night) (Anton)
135 Gifton Erg Somaya (Anton)
136 R Penoñ at Tebaiba Tenerife (Angela)
137 Chesil Beach (Andy C & Alex)
138 Swanage Pier (Andy C & Alex)
139 U12 (Adrian)
140 Venus (Adrian)
141 Cais Belho (Adrian)
142 Spa Joan (Adrian)
143 San Cetano (Adrian)
144 Cais Velo (Adrian)
145 Longstone, Farnes (Adrian)
146 Trearddur Bay (Adrian)
147 Falls of Lora (Adrian)
148 Oban Pinnacle (Adrian)
149 Dibba Rock, Fujairah (Andrew)
150 Snoopy Rock (Andrew)
151 Sharm el Naga, Egypt Mick
152 Freddy's Nook, Goa (Anton)
153 Suzy's Rock, Goa (Anton)
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Geoff Roberts
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Re: 50 dive sites in 2018

Post by Geoff Roberts » Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:22 pm

Should be able to knock a few off in June and October.
Did nearly 50 dives in Indonesia with Pete just last November.

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Re: 50 dive sites in 2018

Post by Maria H » Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:20 pm

Congratulations to Adrian who completed his Inspiration rebreather course today at a chilly but sunny NDAC, and also kicked off our 50 dive sites in 2018.
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... 252&type=3

Geoff Roberts
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Re: 50 dive sites in 2018

Post by Geoff Roberts » Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:39 pm

Well done Adrian.
Welcome to the turtle club.

Mandy Knott
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Re: 50 dive sites in 2018

Post by Mandy Knott » Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:02 pm

Congratulations Adrian!
Very hot off the mark... :D

Ged Kirwan
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Re: 50 dive sites in 2018

Post by Ged Kirwan » Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:38 pm

Well Done Adrian.

Maria H
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Re: 50 dive sites in 2018

Post by Maria H » Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:00 pm

Dive site 2 the Delph. Jane and I had a slightly chilly dive this morning, and took a photo with one of our new mini-banners
https://www.facebook.com/Chorley304BSAC ... =3&theater

Paul Johnson
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Re: 50 dive sites in 2018

Post by Paul Johnson » Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:35 pm


I'm hoping to get to the Cape on Sunday if anyone is up for a dip


Maria H
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Dive site #3 Las Eras Tenerife

Post by Maria H » Wed Feb 07, 2018 10:37 pm

Dived Las Eras yesterday with Nick Yates, a former member of Chorley BSAC. Saw a cattle fish almost as soon as my head went underwater. Also, saw barracudas, and Nick saw an eagle ray. We decided against the swim through as there was a strong swell. Photos / video to follow.

Anthony Mould
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Re: Dive site #3 Las Eras Tenerife

Post by Anthony Mould » Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:15 pm

Some more sites for you to try

https://www.hellocanaryislands.com/divi ... e-tabaiba/