Eyemouth 1st - 3rd July 2022

Reports on our previous club dive trips and some of our day diving activities
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Graham Flewkerbarker
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Eyemouth 1st - 3rd July 2022

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This weekend diving trip had been arranged and booked by Catherine in December 2021 with Marine Quest - Jim Easingwood and Silver Sky (a hard boat with diver lift).

The trip members, in buddy pairs, were Catherine & Peter, Maria & Angela, Chantelle & Anton, Barry & Iain, Sean & Graham (self) and Andrew (not diving or on the boat). There was quite a range of experience between the divers, from Chantelle doing her first sea dives to some old timers! (Not mentioning any names!).

With a distance of 220 miles from Chorley to Eyemouth and a variety of set off times this meant a range of arrival times between 2pm and 8pm. The preferred route along the A7 proved to be straightforward and rather scenic. A last minute booking meant we could all meet up in the ‘Contented Sole’ for some much needed pub grub and a beer or two.

Accommodation was at the B&B in The Harbourside, 3 Harbour Road which consists of Twin, Triple and Double rooms (all en-suite) a large kitchen area for DIY breakfast (from a good range of bread, cereals, fruit, juice, tea, coffee etc) and communal area. There is also a kit store / drying room adjacent to a compressor room for cylinder refills and both are attached to the accommodation. All very convenient for access to the boat which was just across the road from the accommodation, store etc.

The local Co-op is well stocked with snacks and food for lunches and was visited by most to get some food for consumption on the dive boat between dives.

On Saturday morning ropes off had been agreed for 9am but as all were ready earlier, we set off at 8:40am.

We headed North out of Eyemouth into a slight swell to the ‘Peanut Boat’ so named due to it’s cargo when it was sunk by a German U-boat in 1917. Actually named ‘Odense’.
We descended directly onto the remains of a ship’s boiler, easily the largest piece of wreckage seen on the site.
The rest of the wreckage is spread thinly over a wide area which is covered by boulders and in which crabs and lobsters could be seen.
There were also many fish, sea urchins, starfish, dead men’s fingers, jelly fish etc. Good visibility.
At the end of the dive we were quickly back on board the Silver Sky thanks to the hydraulic lift - beats clambering over RIB tubes! Another nice feature of the Silver Sky are the hot drinks and cakes that are available post dive!


Once everyone was back on board the dive boat we moved a little further North to Thrummy Carr, a rocky outcrop extending out under the sea where there are loads of nooks and crannies and canyons to explore with lots of life to investigate. Again, the visibility was good with lots to see. The journey back was marked by a heavy rain shower which resulted in most sheltering behind the wheelhouse!

We arrived back to harbour in the early afternoon and other than cylinders that needed re filling, and any personal items, we were able to leave most of the dive gear on the boat overnight locked securely under the floor.

Once the gear was sorted there was plenty of time to clean up, have a nap, explore Eyemouth or sample some of the local brews.

We had pre-booked our Saturday evening meal in ‘The Ship’ which offers a good selection of drinks and high quality food in lovely surroundings. Highly recommended but pre-booking required.

Another quick walk to the Co-op sorted out Sunday’s lunch.

On Sunday morning ropes off had been agreed for 8:30am but again we had had breakfast and were ready in good time so we set off a little earlier.

We headed South out of Eyemouth into a calm sea to the ‘Chevron Rocks’ a feature in the cliffs where the bedding planes had been displaced into chevron shapes. Underwater there were many ‘canyons’ to explore with a slight current to the North. Amongst the other life a Sea Spider was found. The visibility was good.


Moving a little further South for the second dive we came to the ‘Caves’, two unconnected caves in the cliffs with an abundance of life to observe around the mouths. Amongst the creatures found were Nudibranch, flat fish, a black and white fish (thought to be a Pogge or Armed Bullhead (Agonus cataphracts for those so inclined)) a lobster that fancied itself as Mike Tyson and numerous crabs. There were also sea bird eggs and golf balls that had come from the cliffs above as well as a small boat anchor! The visibility was again very good.

All in all a great weekend’s diving. Congratulations to Chantelle for successfully undertaking her first sea dives - the smile was broad!

We departed Eyemouth in the early afternoon, arriving home around tea time after another scenic drive along the A7.

Graham Flewker-Barker
Mandy Knott
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Re: Eyemouth 1st - 3rd July 2022

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Thanks for the write up Graham. Sounds like a very good trip and congratulations to Chantelle! :)
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Re: Eyemouth 1st - 3rd July 2022

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Thanks to Catherine for organising this one, the rest of the gang for their good company, and to Graham for the trip report.
It was an excellent weekend :D
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