Cumbrae 2018

Reports on our previous club dive trips and some of our day diving activities
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Cumbrae 2018

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The UK sea diving season is drawing to a close for many areas so we went off to Cumbrae in the Firth of Clyde to find some sheltered diving.
The boat was filled with hardy souls. Stuart coxed the boat, and Mandy, Mick, Jan, Anton and myself made up the rest of crew.
We managed to squeeze a dive in on Friday around the Watersports Centre’s pontoons.

On Saturday morning strong winds were forecast to develop, so we dived the Beagle while we still had an opportunity to get on it. The wreck was buoyed which made things easy for us, it was just as well since the position in our GPS unit was over a mile out! Anyway we now have the proper position for future reference. The Beagle is an old favourite of the club and is a really nice wreck, not too big, fairly complete and easy to navigate. We dived on HW slack so it was a little deeper than usual at 36 mtrs to the prop and around 33mtrs on the deck. There was a small modern wrecked boat pushed up against the port side of the hull. To get a good look round you need to plan for a few minutes deco and stick to your planned turnaround time. Vis was only about 4 mtrs but even so this was a cracking start to the diving.

Saturday afternoon and Stuart took us off to Trail Island. In the interest of safety we ruled against blindfolding him, but he has been there that often I am sure he would have got us on site. On this occasion perhaps not as much life as we have become accustomed to, but nevertheless Mandy found an octopus and there were leopard spotted gobies and goldsinny as well as the usual squat lobsters, wrasse, urchins, and starfish of various makes and models.

Then off into Millport for some food and back to the Centre to talk nonsense over a glass of wine.

Sunday morning we made the short trip to Anchor Bay where there is reputed to be a large admiralty pattern anchor that remained elusive. Never mind, it will still be there for next year’s dive. Sunday afternoon we went to the Catalina Flying Boat site. We dropped in a small shot and did a circular search. It is no longer the complete aircraft that we used to dive years ago, just bits of scrap actually. However there are no bad dives, it’s just some dives are not as good as others. Jan hadn’t been to that site before so it’s one to tick off.

Thank you to Anton for towing the boat, thanks to Stuart for forgoing the diving and coxing for us, thanks to Jan for the planning and that you all for your great company and a good weekend.

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