Mandy checking out her kit and herself - Capernwray

Reports on our previous club dive trips and some of our day diving activities
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Mandy Knott
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Mandy checking out her kit and herself - Capernwray

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Many thanks to Matt and Mike for being excellent buddies for me today as I needed to check out my kit and myself before getting in the sea.

As my last dive was October last year (Cumbrae) and I've been suffering with a bit of sinus problems this year we took it nice and slowly going in on the training side, gradually getting deeper. All went well other than a leaky neck on my drysuit, torch batteries needing replacing and computer shouting at me. This turned out to be because it had got knocked on the way in and had a nitrox mix setting. It still recorded the dive ok.

A dry off over coffee, replacement of computer battery just in case and taking in my spare computer to be doubly sure, plus a bit of fettling of kit configuration to make it all more comfortable and we were back in. Matt performed some excellent compass work and navigated us round from the oil rig / container, to Podsnap to the diving bell complete with sturgeon (I just love those fish!), and then over to the Wessex helicopter. A westerly bearing got us back to the training area and Shergar, and nice pootle back to shore - tea, burger and chips (for the guys) and all well and good.

We are fortunate to have these quarries on our doorstep to get these check dives done and sort out any little niggles before heading off into the brine.

And great to have a club forum like this where we can put the shout out for buddies and make it happen.
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Matt Burleigh
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Re: Mandy checking out her kit and herself - Capernwray

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Make sure that the Burger and Chips mention goes no further than this! :shock:

Great diving with you Mandy, even if we did nearly collect a training group somehow!
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