Resurgam submarine wreck 22-06-2019

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Resurgam submarine wreck 22-06-2019

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Resurgam submarine wreck

Permission to dive was sorted out at the start of the year and dates approved to dive this historic protected wreck.

Pre-trip boats pre-paired and voyage and passage plans put together by students doing a boat handling course.

Night before quick check on the weather and all good to go.

We rolled up at Rhyl harbour at 11:10 to find Neil had arrived a few minutes before us with his boat. The two boats were de strapped, trailer boards removed, electrical equipment powered up and dive equipment stowed. Neil’s boat briefing was completed by 12:00, the official arrival time. Chorley’s briefing required the training of setting up the decompression trapeze and deployment.

Ropes off was set for 13:30. I had not considered that other water users might want to use the slip way so we had to wait our turn, we managed to launch both boats and set off on time. The journey out to the wreck took a little longer for Chorley’s as the engine was not performing at its best, the new steering made manoeuvring the boat a dream.

On site a temporary shot was dropped within 6 meters of the coordinates of the wreck. It took two boats over 30 minutes to pin point the wreck which shows up as the smallest bump on the plotter. The main shot was put in and landed 6 feet from the wreck. Andy and Alex were the first buddy pair to dive with the specific job of ensuring that all divers could get from the shot to the wreck in any visibility by applying a line. The line was not needed as a quick lift and shift brought the shot to the port side of the Sub. While this was going on the trapeze was setup and launched along with the next two pairs of buddies kitting up in both boats.

The sub lies in around 18 meters running North to South, she is sat buried in the sand to the middle with her bow and the remains of her propeller just above the bottom. There is a large hole to the port side of the sub towards the front, looking inside you can see internal workings probably the boiler end, looking down the silt has filled the lower part to sea bed level. At the stern the rudder has gone and the propeller only has studs showing. The port side of the hull is intact. On top to the sub the fairing has all gone along with the exhaust stack. The conning tower and air intake are still standing upright. Out to the port side of the wreck we found what looks like the exhaust stack sat vertically in the sand. By this time in the dive the current had started to pick up so time to leave. We ascended up the shot and took advantage of drifting on the lazy trapeze while doing our safety stop.

Back at port the boats were recovered and packed up ready for the trip home. Everyone got to see this historic wreck even in the low visibility. Thanks to Ged and Maria for Coxswaining the boats, Neil for bringing his own boat, Eleanor, Mike, Graham, Andy, Alex, Kevin and Barry for diving. Hope the sunburn was not too bad and have rehydrated from the heat of wearing dry suits.

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Re: Resurgam submarine wreck 22-06-2019

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Thanks to Anton for organising this, and to Neil for providing his boat. It was good to see Eleanor and Graham doing their first UK sea dives.
I wasn't diving, but still had. A great day out.
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