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Chorley Sub-Aqua Club

Learn to dive in the UK with Chorley BSAC and discover Britain's secret seas! Our entry-level diving qualification will equip you with the core skills to dive to a maximum of 20 meters in open water, in the UK and abroad, If you want to learn to scuba dive in the UK, discover new adventures, or simply see the true wonders beneath the British waves, this is where it starts ...

Its a fun place to learn.

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We have a large number of nationally qualified BSAC Instructors to aid your progress from Ocean Diver right through to Advanced Diver and beyond.
Learn to scuba dive with us and you are guaranteed some of the best training around which will lead to an internationally recognised qualification.


To learn to SCUBA dive you must be at least twelve years old.
When you join Chorley BSAC you automatically become a BSAC member and will immediately enjoy all the added benefits that BSAC membership has to offer.

Start your scuba adventure today

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Why learn to dive with BSAC


The British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) has a world wide reputation for excellence and safety.

If you want the highest standards of training and great diving in good company then the BSAC way is for you.
With our BSAC courses, diving skills are taught progressively - each new experience built upon, step-by-step, through a combination of theory lessons, pool sessions and open water experience.

As you continue to progress, you will learn rescue skills and basic life support techniques which are an integral part of the BSAC Diver Training Programme.

This combination of theory, pool sessions, open water skills and continual technique practice enables you to develop your diving in a safe and enjoyable way.

Our training programme is open to all levels of diver - from entry level through to our Instructor courses. Our complementary skill development and specialist courses enable divers to continue to widen their own experience and enjoyment of the sport at their own pace in their own time.


So what are the costs of learning to dive as a member of Chorley BSAC?


You will be required to pay the BSAC subscription and Chorley BSAC club's yearly fees at the time of joining and each year thereafter, plus a one-off initial training fee for non-qualified divers.

For this you will receive free third party diving insurance for as long as you remain a member and a copy of the diving magazine 'Scuba' each month.

New members who are learning to dive will also need to buy the relevant Student Pack for their training which contains all the training materials needed including the Diving Manual, student workbook, qualification record book and pre-paid diver qualification card application.

All the above, including your first years membership, will cost around £230* which will get you on your way to becoming an internationally recognised Ocean Diver.

*There are discounts for Juniors, Students and if more than one member of the same household joins.



What do I get for my money when learning to dive as a member of Chorley BSAC?


You get membership of the largest Diving Club in the world, the British Sub-Aqua Club, with all the advantages of learning and diving in a vibrant club atmosphere and the added benefits of social activities.

Free loan of club diving kit whilst you learn to dive and become qualified up to Ocean Diver or twelve months membership, whichever is the sooner. Kit is limited therefore loan beyond qualification is subject to demands of other trainees.

Ongoing training and instruction is free as far up the diver grades as you wish to progress with support through the weekly meetings and pool sessions.

Our instructors range from Qualified ‘Open Water’ Instructors right through to Advanced and National Instructors who have taken several courses and exam stages to gain their instructor status.



Start your scuba adventure today!

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