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Chorley British Sub-Aqua Club

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When you join Chorley BSAC you are required to pay the Branch subscription and BSAC subscription therefore you automatically become a BSAC member and will immediately enjoy all the added benefits that BSAC membership has to offer.

We have a common renewal date which means that you will pay a pro-rata portion of the annual fees for your first years subscription.

If you are already a member of BSAC via BSAC Direct you can save 10 off your annual BSAC subscription when you renew at the next Club common renewal date.

Peter (left) is our club's Membership Secretary, he will  complete all your joining paperwork and take your membership payment on BSAC's behalf. Alternatively, if this is more convenient, you can use the direct debit scheme. Ask for details.



So what will it cost to become a member of Chorley BSAC?

(Fees as of November 2019)

Full diving members Branch fees 94 p.a. plus BSAC fee 60.00 p.a.

Junior / student members Branch fees 51 p.a. plus BSAC fee 31.50 p.a.

New non-qualified members will pay an initial one-off training fee of 50 upon joining.


Please ask us for full details of the current BSAC fee discounts that you may be eligible for.



What are the benefits of diving as a member of Chorley BSAC?


You get membership of the largest Diving Club in the world, the British Sub-Aqua Club,  with all the advantages of diving in a vibrant club atmosphere with the added benefits of social activities.


Ongoing training and instruction is free as far up the diver grades as you wish to progress with support through the weekly meetings and pool sessions. See our meeting places page for training locations.




Club organised diving trips in the UK using the club RIB's, hardboat charters and overseas holidays. All organised by club members for club members.

Diving on Black Magic


And remember, BSAC membership not only provides you with the very best training and diving opportunities but also a range of other benefits. 

For more information on BSAC member benefits click here


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